3 Doctor Strange Online Facts to Keep You Occupied Before the Movie Release

Less than two months are left before the premiere of the long-awaited superhero movie. In the meantime, here are 3 interesting facts about it that will make you wanna watch Doctor Strange even more.

The Lead Actor Spent a Year at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery

The role of the doctor-turned-mystic was given to British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. You might know him from movies like The Imitation Game and 12 Years a Slave, or from the TV series Sherlock. What you probably don’t know is that Cumberbatch spent a year teaching English at a Buddhist monastery in India. Cumberbatch’s experience with spiritualism and mysticism made it an easy choice for the director Scott Derrickson to cast him as the leading role.

Several Doctor Strange Movies Already Exist

The idea for making a big-budget film adaptation of Doctor Strange has been existent for decades. Still, it took a while before the production started in 2015. However, there were a few more adaptations in the past, starting from the TV movie in 1978. The 1992 movie Doctor Mordrid was planned to be the adaptation of Doctor Strange comic, but the license expired, so the names had to be changed. There was also an animated version, which went straight to DVD in 2007. You can watch this version of Doctor Strange online as well.

Legendary Comic-Book Writer Stan Lee Has a Cameo Appearance

doctor strange movie comic

doctor strange movie comic

The character of Doctor Strange was born in the mind of Steve Ditko in 1963. His fellow writer and a friend, Stan Lee decided to pay Ditko a tribute by appearing in the 2016 movie Doctor Strange. This wasn’t Lee’s first cameo role. In fact, he’s sort of famous for them. Stan Lee appeared in a number of superhero movies, including Spider-Man 2 and Iron Man.  He played himself in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats and appeared in Yoga Hosers.


Fitting People Chosen For The Doctor Strange Cast

Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect for the role of a doctor who is set in another era. Yes, he is going to play Doctor Stephen Strange.

The plot behind the story is this. Stephen Strange is a surgeon whose tragic car accident changes the course of the once-arrogant and over-confident doctor is forced to adapt to the multi-dimensional metaphysical universe. Tilda Swinton challenges him to learn about the mystical as the Ancient One.

His antagonist is Mads Mikkelsen, and is a fitting counter to the beleaguered protagonist. Christine Palmer is played by Rachel McAdams.

Doctor Strange 1The story has been under wraps a bit. The trailer reveals that the story is one about the very beginning, or the background that sets the stage for the whole story of Doctor Strange.

The Doctor Strange cast looks to be a powerful one for the purposes of re-launching this story. People are anticipating it very excitedly in hopes that it is going to start up a new franchise and invigorate a new story.

It has the capacity to do that. Stan Lee as one of the executive producers is behind Doctor Strange, along with Scott Derrickson, who directed it. Steve Ditko wrote the graphic novel that kicked it off.

Together with the amazing technological advances in film it will be great to see how it looks. It’s sure to be a great Doctor Strange cast that is paired up with action and beautiful and powerful sound and graphics.

The magic of Marvel is that it is able to make the  successful launch of a new movie and a whole franchise. That’s really what most of us are all looking forward to the best. It is what we are all waiting for and hope that it is able to be a new series.